Murder In Arkhamville

Welcome to Arkhamville, where the dark and mysterious lurk around every corner.  This is Laynii coming to you from your Village News.  Today a body has been found outside the Arkhamville Manor.  The local police need your help in questioning the villagers and hunting for clues.

When you enter Arkhamville, you will need to speak to the officer.  He will give you a police pass (attaches to your screen) and a little info on the history of Arkhamville.  Now the excitement begins.  There are 100 hidden objects hidden around the sim.  Speak to the villagers to get the list of items to bring back to them.  Explore the hidden areas, visit Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.  Just beware of the three headed dog.  Join the Arkhamville group to get some help along the way.  Copy and paste the link below in local to join the group.   secondlife:///app/group/9bedd503-e8fd-13c6-3f5b-81518c2cbfbb/about

Arkhamville is open from Oct. 1 – Nov.1

Arkhamville has a script limit, so before you go, kill off most of them if not all.  After a few days of noob walking and taking off our scripted objects each time we went there, we decided to get mesh av’s.  Drew and I are showing off our ANA mesh Bot’s that we purchased from the Gatcha Arcade.  The Blue Bot, Luv Bot, & Fiesty Bot each come with their own AO making them even more adorable.

Special thanks to Drew for showing me this awesome place and getting me addicted….  so much so that everywhere I go now, im looking for more hidden stuff.  ♥

…   Damnit, I Love You Andrew!!

Our Awesome Experience Lookie Here

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