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PILOT – Christmas Village @ The Arcade

The Arcade has once again broke my piggy bank.  This adorable little village from PILOT reminded me of the Department 56 village I have in real life so of course I had to have it.  Drew was lucky and got the Rare display table for me on his second try, while I stocked up on a bunch of signs.  So if you wish to trade for them, let me know.

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Willow Cottage

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Springfield

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Church

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Evergreens

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Frozen Pond

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Sign [2012]

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Sign [North Pole]

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Sign [ MC]

PILOT – Christmas Village [Arcade] – Display Table (RARE)



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