Cluttered Life

Cluttered Life

Hair: [e]  Qiana – Exclusives

Body:  Maitreya  Mesh Body – Lara

Lingerie:  ~Blacklace~  Baby Girl: Baby Doll

Stockings:  MAAI  Basic lingerie * white

Heels: *Reign.  PLATFORM HEELS

Headpiece: *LODE*  Head Accessory – Grapes and Roses [pink roses]  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

Necklace:  MG  Alysia Choker Strand Pearls

Puppy: JIAN  Lively Labs :: Black Held Pup  [gacha]  @  The Arcade


-tres blah-  Jolie – Makeup Bag RARE  [gacha]

-tres blah-   Jolie – Makeup Clutter  [gacha]

-tres blah-   Pampered – Be Still  [gacha]

-tres blah-   Eclectic Collection – Brushes  [gacha]

-tres blah-   Golden Cage – Bedside Manner REWARD  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

+Half-Deer+  Metallic Bracket Shelf – Gold

-tres blah-  Eclectic Collection – Brassiere  [gacha]

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Pennant – Sunshine  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Pennant – Meow  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Pennant – Adventure  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

dust bunny .  storybook living . old backpack  [gacha]

Kalopsia  Tamsin’s Desk  (modified)

Kalopsia  Tamsin’s Paper Files

Kalopsia  Tamsin’s Pile of Books

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Beauty Clutter  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Agenda RARE  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

*MishMish*  Kitties go to market – I haz a shopping list  [gacha]

-tres blah-   Golden Cage – Day Tripper  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

*MishMish*  Kitties go to market – Computer RARE  [gacha]

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Pencile Case – Watermelon  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

-tres blah-  Golden Cage – In the Morning  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

-tres blah-  Golden Cage – Frappe  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

-tres blah-  Golden Cage – Sweet Nothings  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

-tres blah-  Golden Cage – Tablet  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

Kalopsia  Daisy’s Notebook – Blue/Pink  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

-tres blah-  Workspace – Print and Books  [gacha]

-tres blah-  Jolie – Perfume Collection RARE  [gacha]

-tres blah-  Pampered – Clipboard Art  [gacha]

-tres blah-  Golden Cage – Canvas Art  [gacha]  @  The Arcade

dust bunny .  autumns calling . chair type c  @  Collabor88

Apple Fall  Rural Farmhouse RARE  [gacha]


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