The Carver.

The Carver.

Hair:  Magika  [03] Which Witch

Body:  Maitreya  Mesh Body – Lara

Body Marks:  Ama  Whipped Chest and Back

Outfit:  Opium’s Addiction  Dawn Creme  @  Romp  [Oct. 15th – 29th]

Gag:  Salt & Pepper  rope & flowers gag

Cuffs:  Salt & Pepper  rope & flowers cuffs


Mutresse  Eating-Witty Cats  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Straw Broom

Apple Fall  Ceramic Bottles

Kalopsia  – 4 – Aurelia’s Ladder – Wood  [gacha]  @  The Chapter Four

Mutresse  Begging-Witty Cats  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Pan Rack

{vespertine}  spatulas tin  [gacha]

{vespertine}  poetic autumn /  fresh apple pie  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Sourbread Loaf in Tin

8f8  New Beginnings – Pottery Shelf  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Pembleton Cooker

{vespertine}  boards & trays  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Plantation Counter (Rustic)

Apple Fall  Patchwork Rug  [gacha]

dust bunny .  & tenshi .  pumpkin carving  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Rural Farmhouse RARE [gacha]

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