Little Fox.

Little Fox.

Hair: +Spellbound+  Sirena // Chapter I : Earth

Body:  Maitreya  Mesh Body – Lara

Lingerie:  ~Blacklace~  Revealing Secrets:  Green

Heels: N-core  Norma

Collar:  *BOOM*  Antoinette Choker/Collar (black)

Armlets:  Blueberry  Secret / Common / Armlets – Maitreya – Black

Pose:  . Infiniti .  Good Girl


{vespertine}  tiny dwelling – lazy sofa / red  [gacha]

JIAN  Countryside Collies :: Dog House  [gacha]

{vespertine}  vintage wonderland table lamp.  [gacha]

{what next}  Harvest Sign

floorplan.  metal card catalog

dust bunny .  melted candle  [gacha]

dust bunny .  dahlia jug  [gacha]

[Brixley]  forever frame

Apple Fall  Georgian Gothic Fireplace

Apple Fall  Neva’s Finial Wall Sconce  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Card Catalog (Antique)

DISORDERLY & CURELESS / BA / Basket of Sweets RARE  [gacha]

floorplan.  farmhouse stool / yellow

junk.  salvaged tractor table.

dust bunny .  & tenshi . pumpkin planter  [gacha]

[DDD]  Autumn Cornucopia

-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Misc  [gacha]

dust bunny .  blender . color change  [gacha]

{vespertine}  kitchen helper  [gacha]

{vespertine}  baking tins  [gacha]

-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot  [gacha]

floorplan.  basket ladder

Lark  Organic Coffee  [gacha]

8f8  Granny’s Winter Cottage – Refrigerator  [gacha]

8f8  New Beginnings – Jar Collection  [gacha]

{vespertine}  woodland mobile  [gacha]

Apple Fall  Rural Farmhouse RARE  [gacha]



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