Rub Me For Luck Baby…

Hair:  Magika  [03] Never

Makeup:  -Belleza-  Glitter Eyeshadows

Lingerie:  ~Blacklace Lounge~   Zoey: ST. Patrick Days Special


AF  Calla Lilies  @  The Arcade  (March)

.a s l i n g.  Bric-a-Brac Desk -Storage-  @  The Arcade  (March)

AF  Interior Plant  @  Collabor88  (March)

AF  Kensington Bookcase (2)  @  Collabor88  (March)

AF  Apple Line  @  The Arcade  (March)

Noodles  Books to Pride  @  The Arcade  (March)

Noodles  Books to Nightmares  @  The Arcade  (March)

Noodles  Books to Dreaming  @  The Arcade  (March)

Noodles  Books to Believing  @  The Arcade  (March)

[ ►]  John Legend – All Of Me

It Means No Worries…

It Means No Worries....
It Means No Worries...


Ears:  [MANDALA]  Stretched Ears – OMIMI

Hat:  Apple May Designs  Holidays Snow Hat – SnowFlake

Jacket:  etham  Jack Coat- Black

Pants:  FATEwear  Jeans – Straight Billy – Void

Shoes:  2REAL FOOTWEAR  Holbrookz Shoes

Piercings:  .Pekka.  Crisis Piercing Unisex


Hair:  >TRUTH<  Melita –  light blondes

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango Mirage :::  Mesh Breasts

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

Feet:  Slink  Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged

Skin Appliers:  *League*  Sunkiss

Ink:  .: TAOX :.   TaTToo Leg Melodrama Bird VG

Dress:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Merc’s Leather-Sleeve Dress – Light Grey   ( Thank You Cynneh ♥ )

Socks:   – Chary –  Black Sporty’s – Light Gray

Heels:  Auxiliary  Footwear – Heartbreaker  – Silver  @  Collabor88  (December)

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::    Glasses :: ATRIA

Collar:  .Pekka.  Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]

Rings:  Rings:  Noodles  The Gentleman Ring Hematite,  Apple May Designs  Prince-Sass Ring – Silver N’ Black,  &  Auxiliary  Melt My Heart – Black

Pose:  Purple Poses  Couples 303

[ ►]  The Lion King – Hakuna Matata

Day Dreams…
Hair:  >TRUTH<  Faye –  light blondes

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Skin Applier:  *League*  Lolas Tango Applier for League Skins -Sunkiss

Lingerie:  ~Blacklace~  Phoebe: Purple Leather Mesh Corset & Boyshorts  (Thank You !!)

Necklace:  MG  Baroque Peacock Flower


*Second Spaces*  trinket box – open – aqua

*ionic*  Spirit Chair

{what next}  Paperdoll Mannequin

{af}  Apple Blossom Branches  @  Collabor88  (November)

floorplan,  birdcage bookends

{af}  Scented Candle (Jasmine)  (gacha item)

.a s l i n g.  Ost Candle Holders

Kuro  Wired love

Scarlet Creative  Fireplace

In Time…

In Time...

***  Wall Clock & Bag Keep Actual Time & Man On Clock Swings Back And Forth ***

Hair:  Magika  [01] Sudden

Lips:  Pink Acid  Jelly Jam Lip Gloss & Teeth – Barbie  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Shirt:  Auxiliary  Studded Sweater – Black/Silver  @  Collabor88  (November)

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::    Glasses :: ATRIA

Collar:  .Pekka.  Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]

Bag:  =Z=  timeless Bag(Cream)  (gacha item)  @  The Chapter Four

Rings:  Noodles  The Gentleman Ring Hematite  &  Apple May Designs  Prince-Sass Ring – Silver N’ Black

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails


=Z=  Wall Clock(City)  (gacha item)   @  The Chapter Four

floorplan,  eiffel tower marquee  @  Collabor88  (November)

Hearts On Fire.

Hearts On Fire.
Hair:  LoQ  Sherry Dark Blonde

Scarf:  TonkTastic  Keffiyeh

Shirt:  [Crash Republic]  O Deer Sweatshirt – gray  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Skirt:  Auxiliary  A little Foxy – Mini – Classic  @  Collabor88  (September)

Shoes:  JD  Wild Shoes – Damask White

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::   Glasses :: ATRIA

Bracelet:  [tea.s]  Conversation Trinket – Silver – Plain  @  Candy Fair (coming soon 10/4/13(Thank You !!)


Scarlet Creative  Mesh Accessories – For Lyla Twiggy

floorplan,  deer canvases

{af}  Industry Letters

Alouette  The Bibliotheque Chair – Grey  (gacha item)

Welcome Fall.

Welcome Fall.
Hair/Hat:  Eaters Coma  HAIR 26 / NOIR

Feet:  Slink  Womens Medium Barefeet

Foot Skin Applier:  *League*  Slink Feet Skin Applier – Sunkiss

Hoodie:  [M.o.w]  Xtreme Hoodie -Grey-  @  Silicone  (Thank You !!)

Pants:  [whatever]  lowjeans – zebra    (Thank You !!)

Pose:  Purple Poses  Susanna 04  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)


Botanical  Autumn Linden Small

Botanical  Autumn Linden Xsmall

Pilot  Fall Garden [Day]  @  Collabor88  (September)

DECO  Dry Corn Bundle

floorplan,  apple cider sign  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,   tub of apples  @  Collabor88  (September)

!Ohmai:  Mochi Bunny  @  Designers United 5

!Ohmai:  Mochi Mouse  @  Designers United 5

Scarlet Creative  Autumn Reclaim Blackboard  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,  empty apple crates  @  Collabor88  (September)

*MishMish*  Chipmunk – Leaf Umbrella  @  The Arcade  (September)

*MishMish*  Chipmunk – Wizard Fan  @  The Arcade  (September)

*MishMish*  Chipmunk – With Butterfly  @  The Arcade  (September)

floorplan,  2 apple crates  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,  autumn blocks  @  The Seasons Story

floorplan,   farm fresh eggs  @  The Seasons Story

floorplan,  farmhouse stool / pumpkin  @  Collabor88  (September)

*MishMish*  Chipmunk – With Acorn  @  The Arcade  (September)

floorplan,  3 apple crates  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,  farmhouse stool / yellow  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,  vintage kitchen scale w/ apples  @  The Seasons Story

floorplan,  bowl of apples  @  The Seasons Story

.:Standby Inc.  CH Gatcha – To Go Cup  @  The Arcade  (September)

*MishMish*  Proper Care of Owls Book & Owl  @  Dream Garden

Pilot  Candy Bar [Candy Buttons]  @  The Arcade  (September)

floorplan,  candy apples platter / yellow  @  Collabor88  (September)

Pilot  Candy Bar 4 Lollipop [Green]  @  The Arcade  (September)

Pilot  Candy Twist [Orange]  @  The Arcade  (September)

Pilot  Candy Twist [Teal]  @  The Arcade  (September)

floorplan,  orchard sign  @  Collabor88  (September)

floorplan,  farmhouse table / light  @  Collabor88  (September)

/artilleri/  Old wagon

Pilot  Garden Shed Full Set

Pilot  Garden Tools

{what next}  Autumn Ground Cover

Cheesy Pizza Love

More goodies from The Arcade !!  As always, Apple Fall creates the best stuff, their backgammon table is perfect for any home.  And who in their right mind can honestly resist pizza, surely not us !  haha

Now onto the cute stuff…  I am generally not much of a bag person in sl, but sometimes you have no choice but to be when adorable lil kitty bags are released.  You can also find these at The Arcade.

Cheesy Pizza Love
Cheesy Pizza Love

Ears:  [MANDALA]  simple ears hutuu

Ink:  [Sleepy Bozer]  Pillars

Shirt:  Ronsem  mt1 – navy

Jeans:  not so bad  mungo jeans – grey

Shoes:  2REAL FOOTWEAR  Low Cuttlerz

Glasses:  REDGRAVE  Aviators

Necklace:  [MANDALA]  Luck Necklace/black


Hair:  ::Exile::  Falling For You Light Blondes  @  Collabor88  (September)

Lips:  Pink Acid  Au Natural Tintable Lips  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Sweater:  /// offbeat ///   simply sweater 4  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Pants:  [whatever]  lowjeans – yellow  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Shoes:  REDGRAVE  DEBORAH – 12colors

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::   Glasses :: ATRIA

Necklace:  +Half-Deer+  Forest Spirit Necklace [Owl]  @  The Seasons Story

Purse:  (Milk Motion)  The cat bag – black  @  The Arcade  (September)

Bracelets:  O.M.E.N  Cube Bracelets – Black  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)  &  faun  Pave Bear Trap Bangle -Canary-  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Ring:  faun  Pave Bear Trap Ring – Canary –  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails

Pose:  Purple Poses  Couples 327  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)


:CP:  Ansel Sofa – Cord

LAQ  Decor ~ Coffee Table

-tb-  Bon Voyage – MP3 (Blue)  @  The Arcade  (September)

{sa}  @  {af}  Takeaway Pizza

MudHoney  Ryan Club Chair

{af}  Backgammon Table  @  The Arcade  (September)

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella.

The time has come !!  For what ya ask, well….  The Arcade has returned for the month of September \o/  For the next few posts, I will be showing off all the awesome stuff I couldn’t live without from there, so stay tuned.  This round seems to be the lucky one for me, not only have I gotten a bunch of rares, I really haven’t had that much trouble getting in everyday since it opened on the 1st (don’t kill me haha).  If you haven’t gotten The Arcade – September 2013 Vendor Pre-loader Hud, hit me up and  will be sure to pass you one or if you are part of the RO  group, you can find it in their past notices.  It makes all the vendor images load faster for you so you aren’t wasting all day for the place to rez.  Ok… onto the good stuffs, while you are at The Arcade, don’t pass up these adorable frog necklaces from MG !!

I got more news for ya, don’t go anywhere just yet !!  The first round of Silicone has also begun.  All you implant loving ladies need to check this place out.  Lots of great designers to be found there.  Men don’t worry, there is an area just for you also, the “boyfriend parking area”.  You can sit back, relax, have a few drinks, and talk about how great your woman is :p  Happy Shopping Ladies and Gents !!

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella.
You Can Stand Under My Umbrella.

Hair:  ::Exile::  Sid

Ears:  [MANDALA]  simple ears hutuu

Jacket:  n-creation  night escapade jacket – brown- teal

Pants:  <Kal Rau>  Casual Jeans M2 Brown

Shoes:  PURF  high cut sneakers


Hair:  “”D!va””  “Layla” (Brown diamond)  @  Collabor88  (August)

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts Boobies

Top:  :FY:  Lily Sweater w/ 12 Color HUD (with tango applier)  @  Silicone  (Thank You !!)

Skirt:  Tee*fy  Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt Floral

Boots:  Maitreya  Radical Boots * Suede Chamoisee

Necklaces:  MG – Necklace – Keshi Pearl Heart  &  MG  – Necklace – Jazz Hands Frog – Orange  @  The Arcade  (September)

Pose:  Purple Poses  Friends 90  (Thank You !!)

[ ►]  The Baseballs – Umbrella

Love Potion No. 9

Oooooooo Emmmmmm Geeeeeeeeee !!  Yup, that is pretty much what I said when I saw this dress released from Spirit Store.  I totally adore ruffles and fell in love with it.  You can find it in 6 colors, so I am sure there is a shade you will love also.  I paired it up with [Gos] Boutique’s  Lauren d’Orsay heels in silver even tho I didn’t show them in the pic.  Happy Shopping Ladies !!

Love Potion No. 9
Hair:  “”D!va””  “Layla” (Brown diamond)  @  Collabor88  (August)

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Light Blue

Make-up:  – DAMNED –  Tribal Make up  &  MY UGLYDOROTHY  Rose Lips 7  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Dress:  Spirit Store  Anateli rigged mesh dress [WHITE]  (Thank You !!)

Piercings:  <-Puncture->  Double Snakebites (Beads & Gemstones)  &  <-Puncture->  Eye Piercing (Studs)

Chocker:  .Pekka.  Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]

Necklace:  MG  Necklace – Window To My Heart

Bracelets:  MG  Copacetic Tallulah

Ring:  {me.}  Corium Druzy Crystal – Black

Nails:  [MANDALA]  TAKARA Bangle/rock/rings and nails/black

When The Time Is Right.

A lil sneak peek of ::A&A::‘s  Peciious Time.  On September 1st, you can find it at The Kollective’s Home & Garden Event !!  Awesome right??  Yeah I know. 😛  The letters can be changed to any of your choosing to add a lil personalization to your home.  You don’t want to pass up on this super cuteness, so get those wallets filled and ready !!

(saying on desk – Time is precious… Waste it wisely.)

When The Time Is Right.
::A&A::  Quiet Time Cactus  (Thank You !!)

Pilot  Larkin Set – Cactus Planter

vespertine  daily chalkboard/ today version

-tb-  Pastry Mania – Mustache Cup (gacha item)

EoD  Friend Letter  (Thank You Ice ♥ !!)

*MishMish*  White Peacock – The Dazzle  @  Collabor88  (August)

floorplan.  boho ivy planter / terracotta

EoD  old Keys w/nail  **  1 Year Anniversary Gift  **  (Thank You Ice ♥ !!)

*MishMish*  It’s Aliens – Mini UFO – Blue  @  The Garden

Pilot  Haywood Pipe Shelf

Tee*fy  Cassette Radio Um  (gacha item)

floorplan.  shark chalkboard  @  The Mens Dept

Pilot  Destination [New York]

{what next}  Wooden Birdhouse Lantern (leaves)

::A&A::  Precious Time  @  The Kollective’s Home & Garden Event  (Coming Soon – Sept. 1)  (Thank You !!)

vespertine  fabric bird-songbird/greener grass (gacha item)

Pilot  Burger Meal

MudHoney  Fall Candles

*Second Spaces*  tabletop forest – fall

*Second Spaces*  block stack set  (gacha item)

LISP  Anna Wood Basket Dark

*Second Spaces*  4across set  (gacha item)

.lame  Kyle’s Rug (Ziggy)

Caught Up In A Dream.
Hair:  .ploom.  Marisa – Blondes

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Boobies Skin Applier:  *League*  Lolas Tango Applier for League Skins -Sunkiss

Feet:  Slink  Womens Medium Barefeet

Foot Skin Applier:  *League*  Slink Feet Skin Applier – Sunkiss

Top:  !Blah.  (My Strapless Lace Top) Gray  @  Hello Titty Slots Gatcha Event

Pants:  Spirit Store  Dora pants unisex [WHITE]  (Thank You !!)

Glasses:  :FY:  Like  A Sir Glasses (white)  (gacha item)  @  The Thrift Shop  (Thank You Di !! ♥)

Necklace:  MG  Necklace – Handcuff Set

Bracelets:  *BOOM*  Friendship Bracelets – (Baby Blue), (Hot Pink), (Red), (Cross), (Lime), (Neon), (Orange), (Two Beat As One – RARE


Purple Poses  Brenda 01  (Thank You !!)


::A&A::  Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock (Pink)  (Thank You !!)

vespertine  daily chalkboard/ today version

::A&A::   B/W His – Teddy Bear Frame  (Thank You !!)

Kuro  A mess of a chair

Trompe Loeil  Star Light Pendant Silver & Orange Medium

{af}  Industry Letter ‘L’  @  The Mens Dept

-tb-  Tea Time – Tin with Flowers  (gacha item)

Intrigue Co.  Plushie Pals: Cookie the Cockatoo

*MishMish*  White Peacock – The Dazzle  @  Collabor88  (August)

::A&A::   Rumpled Braided Mesh Rug – Black  (Thank You !!)

+Half-Deer+  Controller Wall Decor

Kuro  Illuminated thoughts

[D2] Horde Banner

:CP:  Ansel Sofa – Cord  @   The Mens Dept

[ ►]  Enrique Iglesias – Turn The Night Up

Turtle Eyes…♥

Have no fear, the perfect jean shorts have arrived @ Cynful !!  Not only are they super cute and sexy, they also come with some options to change between.  Details below.

•  10 colors to choose from, each with a texture hud with 3 washed color options (used, medium used, & light used)

•  Each color comes with the option to wear a belt with a basic color hud (2 leather colors & 2 canvas colors)

•  2  belt add-on huds are available for purchasing separately (12 leather or 12 canvas versions)

Turtle Eyes…♥
Turtle Eyes…♥
Turtle Eyes…♥
Turtle Eyes…♥

Hair:  ::Exile::  Bad Reputation Light Blondes

Tank:  [HH]  Rio Knotted Crop Top White

Shorts:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Isia Jeans Short – Tan  ( Thank You Cynneh ♥ )

Shoes:  JD  Infra

Piercings:  <-Puncture->  Double Snakebites (Beads & Gemstones) Gold  &  <-Puncture->  Eye Piercing (Studs) – Gold

Necklace:  Noodles  Sketchy Flower Necklace Gold/Diamond  @  Collabor88 (July)

Bracelets:  *BOOM*  Knit Friendship Bracelet (two beat as one) RARE,  [EY:NO]  Anchor Bracelet ( gold),  &  [EY:NO]  Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (Autumn)

Nails/Rings:  [MANDALA]  TAKARA Bangle/Brown

Bag:  ASO!  Alphabet Marine Trico Bag (L)

♥… xoxo

[ ►]  Foster the People – I Would Do Anything For You

Say My Name Bitch…

Hair:  [LeLutka]  CANTO hair/Dark Blonde

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Light Blue

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Boobies Skin Applier:  *League*  Lolas Tango Applier for League Skins -Sunkiss

Top:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Spring Break – White

Pants:  Spirit Store  Arkadiya rigged mesh pants [turquoise]  (Thank You !!)

Heels: N-core Shark II One Voice Edition(White)

Necklaces:  [EY:NO]  Filigran String Necklace (silver),  Intrigue Co.  Rainy Days Jewelry: Puddle Blue  @  Collabor88 (May)  &  MG  Necklace – Keshi Pearl Heart

Bracelets:  [MANDALA]  MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white

Rings:  Auxiliary  Melt My Heart – Blue & White  @  Collabor88 (May)

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V3

The Best Buzz I’m Ever Gonna Find …

Hair:  >TRUTH<  Tenille –  light blondes

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Light Blue

Make-Up:  -Belleza-  Glitter Eyeshadows – Silver

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Boobies Skin Applier:  -Belleza-  Lolas Tango Appliers SK

Dress:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  First Date – Green  @  Collabor88 (April)

Boots:  J’s  Studded Long boots – white

Glasses:  Shadz  Not Available but more styles on marketplace

Necklaces:  [EY:NO] Heart Set  &  MG  Robot Dream Ride  @ Collabor88 (April)

Bracelets:  [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets  (silver)


Hair:  >TRUTH<  Tenille –  light blondes

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Light Blue

Skin:  -Belleza-  Summer Skin

Tank:  Tee*fy Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Chilli

Skirt:  Tee*fy Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt Splash  @  Collabor88 (April)

Heels:  N-core  OMEGA “Nude”

Glasses:  Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)

Necklace:  (Yummy) By The Sea Charm Necklace

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V3

Dive Into My Ocean.


Top:  -tb-  Half Tucked Tee – Off White

Panties:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Deliciosa – Zebra

Shorts:  Apple May Designs  Female Cargo Capri’s – Black

Flip Flops:  Maitreya  Flip-Flops Eclipse

Hair:  LoQ  Berryjuice  @  TDR Fusion

Ink:  +Half-Deer+  Military Fashion Show

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::   Glasses :: ATRIA

Necklaces:  (Yummy) Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace  &  MG  Robot dream Ride  @ Collabor88

Bracelets:  erratic / owl bracelet / silver &  PP  Love Stacked Bracelets – Black & Silver*

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V3

Rings:  [EY:NO]  Heart Ring Ensemble (silver)

Location: End Of Daze

“Hey Girl, I Thought We Was Closer Than That”

Plus 50 points if you can guess where the title of this comes from.  :p


For The Horde, I js

Dress:  .:cheeky:. Lee Dress! Mesh White

Flip Flops:  Maitreya  Flip-Flops Eclipse

Hair:  ::Exile::  Crazy in Love: Light Blondes

Necklace:  [EY:NO] Heart Set (Necklace & Earrings) silver

Bracelets/Watch:  [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets  (silver)


:CP:  Earnst TV

:CP:  Playing Games Console

[D2]  Horde Banner

{what next}  Eggie – Speggtacles  @ The Nest (Easter hunt item)

[tea.s]  Plank Infinity Sign

[HANDverk]  Heart Clutch  (subscriber gift)

{sa} Pup Lamp (Dalmation)  @  Collabor88

MudHoney  Ryan Club Chair  @  The Mens Dept

Intrigue Co.  Plushie Pals: Daisy the Cow  (Gatcha Item)

floorplan.  change fund / douchebag jar

Zigana .  Gypsy Caravan . gippy  @  The Arcade

Zigana .  Gypsy Caravan . his place  @  The Arcade

♥ You Make Me Weak In The Knees ♥

Hair:  ::Exile::  Darling Nikki: Light Blondes

Top:  _CandyDoll_   Lacely Top Rose  Cinema Exclusive – XXX Theater

Skirt:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Ruffle Mesh Skirt – Light Grey – ILSLF  October Special

Heels:  N-core  Shark II One Voice Edition (White)

Necklace:  MG – Necklace – Handcuff Set  COLLABOR88 October

Earrings:  [MANDALA] – Senjyu Earrings -Snow Silver

…   Damnit, I Love You Andrew!!

[ ►]  Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

Lost At Sea

Shopping List:

Hair:  [LeLutka] – TREND hair/Light Blonde

Bikini:  *BOOM* – Ellio Bikini (salt)   *  COLLABOR88  * – July

Shorts:  MIEL – Fit Shorts Natural   [ mesh ]

Shoes:  Slink – Ilena Sandals White  [ mesh ]

Feet:  Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet  [ mesh ]

Bird Tattoo:  :: YaYo :: – Take Flight – Tattoo Duo – [ Makeup & Tattoo Hunt ]  **  FREE  **

Necklace:  (Yummy) – By The Sea Charm Necklace    *  COLLABOR88  * – July

Nails/Rings:  [MANDALA] – TAKARA Bangle/Brown Fur,leather, Nail & Ring