Hair:  Magika  [03] Unknown

Lips:  Pink Acid  Plumped Up Lips & Teeth – Cherry

Nail Polish:  +>A&A<+  Basics Pack Nailpolish Appliers – Dark & Monochrome

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Feet:  Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High

Tank:  D-Style  Embra Top Striped

Jeans:  *chronokit*  Slim Pants Denim White

Shoes:  *Reign.  GROUPIE WEDGES- (High)

Piercings:  :Diamante:  Serenade Facial Piercing

Collar:  Cute Poison  Miseria Collar (Silver)  @  Suicide Dollz

Cuffs:  :Diamante:  Deviant Cuffs

Bag:  -FAUN-  Roshi Bag / Unisex -White-  @  The Chapter Four

Just Listen…

Just Listen...
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/  Gloria Mesh Hair – Blacks

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Nail Polish:  :Diamante:  Diamond Tipped French-Slink Enhancment Nails

Feet:  Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High

Dress:  D-Style  Monochrome Black Dress  @  The Monochromatic Fair

Shoes:  *Reign.  Sovereign Wedges- Black

Glasses:  Izzie’s  Oversized Sunglasses

Piercings:  :Diamante:  Trilogy Mouth Piercing

Necklace/Earrings:  {me.}  Corium Druzy Crystal – Black

Bracelet:  Pure Poison  Love Stacked Bracelets – Black & Silver*

Ring:  :Diamante:  Sunshine Ring

Beautiful Little Fool

Beautiful Little Fool
Hair:  >TRUTH<  April

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Light Blue

Nail Polish:  +>A&A<+  Basics Pack Nailpolish Appliers

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Tank:  D-Style  Kayla Top 06

Jeans:  D-Style  Super Flare Jeans

Piercings:  :Diamante:  Sincere Facial Piercing    &  :Diamante:  Enigma Chest Piercing

Necklace:  [Atooly] Mustache Necklace Yellow

Bracelet:  Bens Beauty  Lila Bracelets (silver)

Ring:   Noodles  The Gentleman Ring Hematite

Pose:  Purple Poses   Vivien


Silence In The Darkness…

Silence In The Darkness...
Silence In The Darkness...

Hair:  MOON  Paper Cuts – Blondes

Lips:  Pink Acid  Lacey Lips & Teeth

Nail Polish:  :Diamante:  Diamond Tipped French-Slink Enhancment Nails

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Feet:  Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High

Shirt:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  The Valley Top – Light Grey @  TDR Fusion

Pants:  D-Style  Unisex Sport Baggy w.HUD

Heels:  [Mode Step]  Eiffle Heel – Black

Headband:  *Reign.  Studded Headband- Black

Piercings:  :Diamante:  Serenade Facial Piercing  &  :Diamante:  &  {K}  StarDust Chest Piercing (Original Mesh)  @  The 100 Block

Collar:  .Pekka.  Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]

Necklace:  ASO!  Traveling necklace (silver)

Wrist Bands:  LaGyo  Misaku Bangles


floorplan.  board marquee

Trompe Loeil  Gyroscope Floor Lamp Polished

Hideki  Wooden Pine Trees  (gacha item)

Hideki  Wooden Trees  (gacha item)

junk.  morrison locker cabinet.  (gacha item)

junk.  morrison wire lamp.  (gacha item)

junk.  morrison leather chair. RARE  (gacha item)

*MishMish*  A Baby Plant – Tangerine  (gacha item)

floorplan.  diamond

[Noble]  Always kiss me goodnight 3-D Decal



Chalk Outline

Chalk Outline

Hair:  .ploom.  Marisa – Blondes

Makeup:  Pink Acid  Luxury Lip Gloss – Teeth & Pout Duo – Barbie

Top:  RONSEM*  Frill Tank / black

Pants:  D-Style  Krave Slim Jeans Female w.HUD/Grunge  @  Krave Inc.  (Coming Soon)

Shoes:  FLite.  Clearports – Black Viper  @  The Mens Dept

Earrings:  RO  – Arsenal Earrings – Silver –

Necklace:  PP  The 24 Necklace

Bracelets:  …::: Scrub :::…  Point of View

Scooch On Over Closer Baby & I’ll Nibble Your Ear

Scooch On Over Closer Baby & I'll Nibble Your Ear

Hair:  MOON  Paper Cuts – Blondes  @  The Chapter Four

Makeup:  – DAMNED –  Tribal Make up  &  Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lips V2 & Teeth – Bubble Gum

Top:  D-Style  Jezik Top

Pants:  D-Style  Jezik Leggings

Skates:  The Secret Store  Vintage Roller Skates – Neon Black  (gacha item)

Headband:  *Reign.  Studded Headband- Black

Necklaces:  MG  Banshee Skull Heart  &  MG  Silver Love Tags

Bunny:  *MishMish*  Valentine’s Bunny – I Luv You


junk.  morrison iron bed. RARE  @  The Arcade  (March)

Pilot  Adult Toy Box

.a s l i n g.  Ost Candle Holders

+Half-Deer+  A cup of spring

junk.  morrison cushion pile.  @  The Arcade  (March)

junk.  morrison leather chair. RARE  @  The Arcade  (March)

*MishMish*  A Baby Plant – Tangerine  @  The Arcade  (March)

junk.  morrison wire lamp.  @  The Arcade  (March)

floorplan.  diamond

floorplan.  board marquee

AF  Industry Letter

floorplan.  dictionary prints

AF  Hemp Rug Branches

floorplan.  moustache marquee

junk.  morrison locker cabinet.  @  The Arcade  (March)

junk.  repurposed wheel light. iron.  @  The Arcade  (March)

Love Is In The Air Tonight.

Love Is In The Air Tonight.

Hair:  (epoque hair)  Tied Up – Grain

Ears:  [MANDALA]  Steking Ears V4

Hands:  Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

Ink:  .: TAOX :.  TaTToo Leg Melodrama Bird VG

Top:  D-Style  Tube Top

Shorts:  D-Style  Spring Flirt Shorts/ 06

Socks:  {W&R} Sweet Heart Socks – Black –

Shoes:  FLite.  Clearports Grey  @  The Mens Dept

Glasses:  [Commoner]  Shade-Stache / Black

Necklace:  -Glam Affair –  Chained Link Necklace Black

Dog:  [Manticore]  Dogs v3

Pose:  Purple Poses  Piper

{what next}  Homely Washing Line  @  The Arcade  (March)

Turning Around On A One Way Street

Turning Around On A One Way Street
Hair:  >TRUTH<  Faye –  light blondes

Outfit:  D-Style  Madi Dress 04  (Thank You !!)

Glasses:  ::Solar Eyewear::   Glasses :: ATRIA

Bracelet:  [tea.s]  l.o.v.e. Bangles

Rings:  Noodles  The Gentleman Ring Hematite,  Apple May Designs  Prince-Sass Ring – Silver N’ Black,  &  MG  Tiger Lily Flower Ring

Book:  *MishMish*  Proper Care of Owls Book (comes with the tawny owl)

Purse:  AZOURY  Hoppipolla Purse Grey  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Nails:  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails

Wings Are Made To Fly.

Wings Are Made To Fly.
Hair:  >TRUTH<  Katya –  light blondes

Feet:  Slink  Womens Medium Barefeet

Foot Skin Applier:  *League*  Slink Feet Skin Applier – Sunkiss

Ink:  F.owl  Diamond Dandelion Tattoo,  .Identity.  Body Shop – Hungry Pacman,  &,  .Identity.  Celtic Hunter

Cardigan:  D-Style  Off Shoulder Cardigan – Coming Soon To Bitacora Travel Fair  (Thank You !!)

Tank:  -SU!-  Basic Top White

Shorts:  D-Style  Travel Shorts  – Coming Soon To Bitacora Travel Fair  (Thank You !!)

Necklace:  MG  Necklace – Window To My Heart

Purse:  AZOURY  Banana Purse (Pine)  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Pose:  Purple Poses  Brenda 01  (Thank You !!)


{ Fern }  Pumpkin Bucket With Ivy – Burnt Orange

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Secret  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Poetry – RARE  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

*MishMish*  Proper Care of Owls Book & Owl

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Roots  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

*MishMish*  Phoenix Loyalty Extras  @  Wizarding Faire

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Windows  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

Scarlet Creative  Autumn Reclaim Lamp

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Alice – Drink Me  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Mariner  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

:{Atomic}: Ingredient Jars  @  Wizarding Faire

floorplan,  nevermore plate

::BB::  Wizarding Moon Frog A  (gacha item)  @  Wizarding Faire

[][] bs [][]  ghostly candy dish  @  Candy Fair (sim 2)

*MishMish*  Phoenix  @  Wizarding Faire

floorplan,  dirigible sapling  @  Wizarding Faire

floorplan,  always print

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium Treasures  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas – Crimson  @  Wizarding Faire

Pilot  Drops of Light  **Free Gift**  @  the grande reopening of Blacklace & Cynful

Lark  Imaginarium Librarium – Library Wheat – RARE  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

{af}  Harry’s Boat  (gacha item)  (The Arcade -September)

!Ohmai:  Emporium: Free Elf Pet (Clotts)  @  Wizarding Faire

The Magic Touch…

The Magic Touch…
The Magic Touch…
Hair:  >TRUTH<  Storm –  black  (Thank You !!)

Lips:  Pink Acid  Dolly Lip Smack Lipstick V2 – Pink  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts Boobies

Skin Applier:  *League*  Lolas Tango Applier for League Skins -Sunkiss

Ink:  .:: Delusions ::.  Angelic Pelvis Tattoo  @  Perfect Wardrobe

Top:  [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  Spring Break – Black (with tango applier)  @  TDR Fusion  ( Thank You Cynneh ♥ )

Pants:  D-Style  Envy Me/Black Star  (Thank You !!)

Shoes:  G&D  Mesh Ankle Boots Boh Rivet Black

Necklace:  [MANDALA]  777 jewelry set Diamond

Bracelets:  erratic  / owl bracelet / gunmetal  &  Izzie’s  Hole Bangles

Nails:  [MANDALA]  TAKARA Bangle/rock/rings and nails/black

Bag:  faun  Leather Vivian Clutch -Pure-  @  SL Fashion Week  (Thank You !!)

Pose 1:  Purple Poses  Hilary 02  @  Silicone  (Thank You !!)

I Wanna Wrap My Hands Around Your Neck !! ♥

I Wanna Wrap My Hands Around Your Neck !! ♥
I Wanna Wrap My Hands Around Your Neck !! ♥

Hair:  [taketomi]   Zayn

Ink:  [Sleepy Bozer]  Shibby

Ears:   [MANDALA]  simple ears hutuu

Shirt:  Ronsem  Cut-Off T – Black

Pants:  Just Cool  Sweatpants – Dark Grey

Shoes:  2REAL FOOTWEAR  Decaz

Necklace:  [MANDALA]  OKAKI Dog tag Necklace/Silver

Boxing Gloves:  Dirtyland  Boxing Gloves – Black


Hair/Hat:  Eaters Coma  HAIR 26 / NOIR

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Grey

Face:  DPD  Facial Scar 5  &  -UtopiaH-  Hunger Killer Make-Up

Ears:   [MANDALA]  Steking Ears V4

Ink:  .Identity.  Celtic Hunter,  .Identity.  Hungry Pacman Female,  AITUI  Level Up,  &  Vestigium  Mermaid’s Enchantment

Mask:  *Milk*  Ruckus Bandana  (Thank You !!)

Top:  [R3]  Tina Off-Shoulder Crop [V1]  (Thank You !!)

Elbow Socks:  [hate this]  elbow socks – black pack

Shorts:  D-Style  Unisex Baggy Bermuda  (Thank You !!)

Shoes:  TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE  Dans 313 Sneakers  (Thank You !!)

Boxing Gloves:  Dirtyland  Boxing Gloves – Black



The Monster Within…

Hair:  >TRUTH<  Denee –  reds

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes / Gray

Ears:  [MANDALA]  Steking Ears V4

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Boobies Skin Applier:  *League*  Lolas Tango Applier for League Skins -Sunkiss

Body Paint:  Lovely Disarray  Lines & Dots: Face & Body Paint

Outfit (horns, collar, pasties, pants):  D-Style  Eowynnn Spiked Black  (Thank You !!)

Arm Warmers:  *Epic*  Black Cropped Bunneh Hoodie

Heels:  REDGRAVE  Helena – 12colors

Nails:  [MANDALA]  TAKARA Bangle/rock/rings and nails/black

[ ►]  The Busters – Hey Little Girl

My Love, My Battle Scars

Hair:  [LeLutka]  Bouffant Hair – Fades Natural

Eyes:  .ID.  Gem Eyes – Snow

Face Marking:  Lovely Disarray  I’m no Priest

Scar:  DPD  Facial Scar 5

Ink:  -UtopiaH-  I’m Not a Voodoo Doll Tattoo

Boobies:  Lolas  ::: Tango :::  Mesh Breasts

Outfit:  D-Style  Terror (Top With Mask & Tango Applier, Skirt, Goggles, Eye Make-Up, Gloves, Warmer Boots) (Thank You)

Fishnets:  erratic  fishnet wide / black

Horns:  [ContraptioN]  Walton’s Parade: Great Taurus Horns Set – default

Nails/Bands:  SuPerBia  NaiLs  *PierCinGs 2* BuBBLe CLoWn TiPs V2

Bat:  RO  Baseball Bat

[ ► ]  Puddle Of Mudd – Psycho